length of blog? a confusion!

i just  started blogging like others do.i read sum articles that were very long or very short,so ,just thinking how long shud a post.

shud it be too short that u started reading n it just ended or it shud have sooooooo many words that keep ur brain busy for  half an hour to read n another half an hour to analyse it.

short post gives u less tym to read n long tym to think,whereas it’s totally opposite in long post.

message or information usually cannt be conveyed in short post,while long post give sum extra

longer post needs a relax mind n  patience or that shud be of ur interest,nothing is true for short post

long post shows how creative u r,short may not mean that

in a hurry ,a reader might skip a long post

n in a long tym, a reader might skip a short post

the only thing i understand is to write wht u want to say,there r both kind of ppl who will like and who will dislike,so irrespective of length i started blogging whether anyone will like it or not.