capital punishment?

today read the news about Rajiv Gandhi assassinator: Perarivalan, Murugan and Santhan, who got reprieve of 8 weeks.they were scheduled tobe executed on 9 september and the ground for this decision was delay of 11 yrs in the disposal of the petitions filed by the three convicts seeking Presidential clemency or this is done by Senkodi who immolated herself to listen her request of clemency.but do u think these ppl after 11yrs of imprisonment  deserve wht they r demanding for,i.e,clemency or atleast life term instead of death penalty.with this case and many other cases a question came :capital punishment or death penalty is justified? ……well! answer to this cannot be objective,for m it’s totally subjective.Reason for committed  crime is very important. here in this case accused did this on LTTE  ‘karta dharth’  Prabhkaran who is dead now.and on the other hand their is a prisoner like Kasab who is a inmate for last 4 yrs. continuously changing his statements and plea again n again  against his death penalty. Court is ready to hear his plea but not that of above three accused. may be govt. is waiting for incidence like plane hijacking who demand for Kasab n after handling him ,govt. want all the praise to  save the ppl of the nation………….y we have such a weak  judiciary system who needs so many years to decide whether the person is innocent or not ?