Anna’s Maun vrat

Kisan Baburao hazare,popularly known as Anna Hazare ,this person stirred governmant of India(GOI) by going on  ANSHAN in August this year.he and his team is in the news again since last few days ,first Arvind kejriwal statement ,’Anna is above Parliament’,then  a person barged into a press-conference and slaps Prashant Bhushan living him thing is that wht ppl think about all these incidents when continuous allegations and accusations r going on.

for Anna n his team everthing was going right until a statement came from Anna himself given in a rally to the ppl of Hisar(hometown of  Kejriwal) that not to vote Congress(the leading govt)……..though UPA is very corrupt but any other party is not also very clean,it’s just they didnt get the chance ……….(..i think power  made them corrupt and this can happen with most of the ppl,if given powers. .)….so shud we take tht anna meant that let other party come in majority n see how corrupt it is…..well! Anna played  a safe moove by remaining shut  n let others bark,like that others will be bad not him n his team……… thing is sure that now is in bad politics played by bad ppl…….waiting to see wht will happen if ‘Lokpal bill is not passed’…………what will be his move……………..will there be a mass revolt just like in Cairo or nothing will happen?