it happens not only in India!

this is the incidence of last thursday happened in China at Guagdong Province where a 2 yrs girl child is hit by a small,white van the Driver paused for a moment n pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels. hit n run case is very natural n understood as driver didnt want to get punished but wht others were doing is the question.

according to the news ,almost 18 passerbys ignored this little girl n left her to die,19th passerby was a 58 yrs man who was a street cleaner ,took her to the hospital n informed her mother.

girl is in intensive care n still in coma.this was all recorded in a CCTV footage.

ppl when asked about it,replied that they dont want to involve themselves in scene like this

tell me if u r in a country like China or any other developing country , would u have helped her?answe

if yes than u r really daring, n if no then u r inhuman.

but i’m sure there r many who fall into the category ‘i want to help,but ……………’


y they hesitate  n y a street cleaner didnt?

they r afraid ,if sumone accused them?

or whatif he get stuck in all that matter?

or will my family suffer from all this?

or may be that cleaner has no family,nothing to loose etc.

this is natural too as Police first interrogate the person who helped,but still that shud not be the issue as country have many helpline nos.,just call n go…

there is fourth category also,in sum cases ppl just watch the crime happening n record it but dont say a single word to stop it n then cry why he had not done that(there r many such cases in India)

now when everything is on CCTV ,driver can be identified easily,and is the main culprit……but wht about others who left her unnoticed,her mother who didnt even know where her daughter is and the government who have such policies that nobody dares to help……………

Isnt everyone,who ignored humanity, GUILTY?