length of blog? a confusion!

i just  started blogging like others do.i read sum articles that were very long or very short,so ,just thinking how long shud a post.

shud it be too short that u started reading n it just ended or it shud have sooooooo many words that keep ur brain busy for  half an hour to read n another half an hour to analyse it.

short post gives u less tym to read n long tym to think,whereas it’s totally opposite in long post.

message or information usually cannt be conveyed in short post,while long post give sum extra

longer post needs a relax mind n  patience or that shud be of ur interest,nothing is true for short post

long post shows how creative u r,short may not mean that

in a hurry ,a reader might skip a long post

n in a long tym, a reader might skip a short post

the only thing i understand is to write wht u want to say,there r both kind of ppl who will like and who will dislike,so irrespective of length i started blogging whether anyone will like it or not.


it happens not only in India!

this is the incidence of last thursday happened in China at Guagdong Province where a 2 yrs girl child is hit by a small,white van the Driver paused for a moment n pulls away, crushing the child for a second time under his rear wheels. hit n run case is very natural n understood as driver didnt want to get punished but wht others were doing is the question.

according to the news ,almost 18 passerbys ignored this little girl n left her to die,19th passerby was a 58 yrs man who was a street cleaner ,took her to the hospital n informed her mother.

girl is in intensive care n still in coma.this was all recorded in a CCTV footage.

ppl when asked about it,replied that they dont want to involve themselves in scene like this

tell me if u r in a country like China or any other developing country , would u have helped her?answe

if yes than u r really daring, n if no then u r inhuman.

but i’m sure there r many who fall into the category ‘i want to help,but ……………’


y they hesitate  n y a street cleaner didnt?

they r afraid ,if sumone accused them?

or whatif he get stuck in all that matter?

or will my family suffer from all this?

or may be that cleaner has no family,nothing to loose etc.

this is natural too as Police first interrogate the person who helped,but still that shud not be the issue as country have many helpline nos.,just call n go…

there is fourth category also,in sum cases ppl just watch the crime happening n record it but dont say a single word to stop it n then cry why he had not done that(there r many such cases in India)

now when everything is on CCTV ,driver can be identified easily,and is the main culprit……but wht about others who left her unnoticed,her mother who didnt even know where her daughter is and the government who have such policies that nobody dares to help……………

Isnt everyone,who ignored humanity, GUILTY?

Anna’s Maun vrat

Kisan Baburao hazare,popularly known as Anna Hazare ,this person stirred governmant of India(GOI) by going on  ANSHAN in August this year.he and his team is in the news again since last few days ,first Arvind kejriwal statement ,’Anna is above Parliament’,then  a person barged into a press-conference and slaps Prashant Bhushan living him dumbstruck.now thing is that wht ppl think about all these incidents when continuous allegations and accusations r going on.

for Anna n his team everthing was going right until a statement came from Anna himself given in a rally to the ppl of Hisar(hometown of  Kejriwal) that not to vote Congress(the leading govt)……..though UPA is very corrupt but any other party is not also very clean,it’s just they didnt get the chance ……….(..i think power  made them corrupt and this can happen with most of the ppl,if given powers. .)….so shud we take tht anna meant that let other party come in majority n see how corrupt it is…..well! Anna played  a safe moove by remaining shut  n let others bark,like that others will be bad not him n his team………..one thing is sure that now is in bad politics played by bad ppl…….waiting to see wht will happen if ‘Lokpal bill is not passed’…………what will be his move……………..will there be a mass revolt just like in Cairo or nothing will happen?

capital punishment?

today read the news about Rajiv Gandhi assassinator: Perarivalan, Murugan and Santhan, who got reprieve of 8 weeks.they were scheduled tobe executed on 9 september and the ground for this decision was delay of 11 yrs in the disposal of the petitions filed by the three convicts seeking Presidential clemency or this is done by Senkodi who immolated herself to listen her request of clemency.but do u think these ppl after 11yrs of imprisonment  deserve wht they r demanding for,i.e,clemency or atleast life term instead of death penalty.with this case and many other cases a question came :capital punishment or death penalty is justified? ……well! answer to this cannot be objective,for m it’s totally subjective.Reason for committed  crime is very important. here in this case accused did this on LTTE  ‘karta dharth’  Prabhkaran who is dead now.and on the other hand their is a prisoner like Kasab who is a inmate for last 4 yrs. continuously changing his statements and plea again n again  against his death penalty. Court is ready to hear his plea but not that of above three accused. may be govt. is waiting for incidence like plane hijacking who demand for Kasab n after handling him ,govt. want all the praise to  save the ppl of the nation………….y we have such a weak  judiciary system who needs so many years to decide whether the person is innocent or not ?